Javaknight provides implementation support and training on third-party software. Why is Javaknight a VAR while being fully capable of developing solutions that can (and in some cases can more closely) meet client needs? Because every client needs slightly different things and client needs change and multiply in unpredictable directions over time. 

Javaknight is a sole proprietor, pursuing 8(a) and DBE status and is trying to stay a small business. Javaknight is time and people sensitive, which is sorely needed in the technological sector. Javaknight teaches the Bible when not involved in business activities, either to the outside world or to the family. 

In these critical times, facilities technologies proliferate, but success in implementing them does not. More than ever, consumers either don't know or can't know what they want or need. A reason for this is that because business problems are too complex. Even success stories, when investigated, are tempered with real issues that stifle business, sometimes more than problems that "solutions" were intended to solve. Who loses in all of this? We all do. We must face up to the fact that we live in a technical world of endless possibilities only to be forced to work in a business world of  "Can't!" 


Your business today faces problems with organization and efficiency that companies in the past never even imagined were possible. In order to compete today's businesses need to be Technology Enabled throughout the Organization. Javaknight makes this happen which means you can make this happen.

Javaknight makes this happen everyday, despite the stormy times, and it should be happening to you. Find out how it can in our services or contact us.

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