Javaknight facilitates the acquisition of third-party products combined with excellent implementation and expert integration services. Javaknight delivers what works while assisting what will work (emerging technologies) to get there -- without sacrificing your needs in the process.

Javaknight's core services revolve around six functional technologies Business Intelligence (BI) or Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), Computer Aided Drafting or Design (CAD -- yes, CAD is still out there), Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geographic Information Systems or Services (GIS), Database technologies, and Training - especially as regards integration. You will find further information for each of these on the sidebar to your left.

The adjoining facility lifecycle at the top illustrates where some of the above technology comes into play. Note that this technology is heavy in Concept and in Operations. For the purposes of this site, Concept refers to master planning and planning to build a facility. Operations refers to the things necessary to make business and facilities operate after the time that the facility is first occupied. If you are not building a facility and want to use technology to create efficiencies or solve facility related business problems, you may want to click the Operations link on the side menu.

In the past, these technologies were costly to employ, difficult to implement and confusing to assess. However, Javaknight can assure you that, while you may have been stopped before. . . Now you can.

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