Technology Training

So you want to comply with government standards for BIM? You want to be a BIM integrator? You want to use such protocols as COBie to identify assets? You want to perform advanced planning activities with BIM? Let Javaknight train you and you will be able to say. . . Now we can!

Javaknight provides training in the following BIM competancies:

- BIM from Laser Scanning Products
- BIM from CAD
- BIM in Planning
- BIM and GIS visualization with Augmented Reality
- BIM Facilities Management and BIM IWMS
- BIM Capability Assessment and Development
- BIM Development in Compliance with GSA and VA BIM Standards
- BIM Development with COBie and COBie2
- BIM Development with IFC (IFC Training)

- BIM Product Training (Strengths and Weaknesses)

Javaknight is also well versed in IWMS and provides training and implementation assistance in the following:

- Assessment of Client Enterprise and IWMS Enterprise Architecture Development
- IWMS Implementation and Augmentation
- IWMS Interface Simplification
- IWMS Tool Migration
- IWMS Upgrade
- IWMS User Training and Assistance
- IWMS Staff Augmentation

- GSA Spatial Data Management Training

- GIS CAD BIM Integration Training

Javaknight is aware that most of us would like free consultation about IWMS issues, as trust in this industry has disappeared. Call Javaknight if you have IWMS or BIM questions, or send an email. You will not be disappointed.

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