Business Intelligence and Integrated Workplace Management Systems

So you want to access the information in your facility as easily as you search the internet. You should, better yet, you can.

Can you answer the questions to the right? Do these questions cost you money to answer? Here's the real question: Can you get the answers for less money? Technology should create an environment that makes getting answers to these questions easy, better yet, technology does create this environment.

Let us be clear regarding technology and solving business problems though: You will have to look at both the technology you use and the business processes that you have in place to solve any business problems that you have. Frankly, every vendor doesn't have the skill to match the right solution to your problems. Even the tools that vendors sell don't all meet the same problems adequately, which is why Javaknight is vendor neutral.

With over 13 years of experience in Computer Aided Facilities Management and Integrated Workplace Management Systems, Javaknight is poised to assist you. Javaknight focuses on both the business involved and the technology that can assist that business best. Take a look at the clients list. Every federal agency and organization listed has extended to Javaknight offers of permanent employment. But Javaknight wants to be available to assist you.

What does all of this have to do with Business Intelligence? I'm glad you asked. IWMS is Business Intelligence. Dashboarding, Excel style reporting of data, project management, projections, the list goes on, are all business intelligence features. Javaknight is actively looking for partners with SAP, Oracle BI, SQL Server BI and other business intelligence players that see the vision of IWMS data and traditional BI data merged in one query interface. Before we couldn't, but now we can.

Take a look at the list of applications  to the right and realize that there is not an IWMS on the market that cannot be tamed by Javaknight or our specialists. This is why you can be assured that. . . . Now you can.

How much does this cost? Look, please, at the micro and macro purchase options to the right. Depending on several factors, it does not have to cost you much at all. The portion of the chart below $3K to $25K shows all that comes with an investment of this type. The bottom portion will need a slightly more appropriate investment based on the requested capabilities. Both speak volumes about your ability now to be able to solve your problems.

Call or email today to begin implementing your solution. . . correctly.

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